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Visit Planner

The Embassy of Canada offers school classes, university and college students as well as other study groups the possibility of special group visits to the Marshall McLuhan Salon. These might include a general introduction to Canada or have a specific focus. Tours through the Embassy building are not offered.

The Marshall McLuhan Salon is reserved for such visits in the mornings from Monday to Friday. Tours of between 30 and 90 minutes can be booked in advance. These may be conducted in English, French or German as desired. Such a tour usually comprises a presentation, a film and independent research by the visitors to the Salon.

Our visit planner allows you to make an appointment online. Please register first.

As a registered user, you will also have access to material on Canada prepared specifically for school lessons.

To prepare for or follow up on your visit please use our media library, which gives an overview of the audiovisual material available in the Marshall McLuhan Salon.

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