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Presentation Units in the Marshall McLuhan Salon

The Marshall McLuhan Salon provides current information about Canada. All technical devices have internet access. The three free internet PCs offer the possibility to do on- and offline research on Canada. The following presentation units are used to support visitors' research on Canada.

  • Interactive video screens
  • Explore Canada - interactive map
  • Info terminals
  • Screens in public North West Passage

Interactive Video screens

The circular main room of the Salon is equipped with four large interactive video screens mounted on the wood paneled walls.

Interactive video screens featuring SmartBoard Technology

The interactive LCD video screens allow visitors to choose video clips from the comprehensive film collection by simply touching the screen.

Visitors have access to films on a wide variety of subjects, such as the unique Canadian landscape, Canadian history, society and politics (e.g. multiculturalism and immigration), contributions from Canadian performing and new media artists as well as information regarding current Canadian foreign policy initiatives (e.g. Afghanistan, the Arctic). Special events in Canada are shown on these screens by television broadcasts and internet live-streams.

Plasma screens with interactive menu

The menu design is an art work itself, reflecting the innovative and dynamic identity of Canada. Wireless headphones are provided to listen to the sound of the individual screens.

Explore Canada - interactive map

One of the special attractions of the Marshall McLuhan Salon is the Canada Explorer. The interactive map can be navigated using one of the LCD touchscreens. The program was developed specifically for the Embassy of Canada's Multimedia Information Centre, but was so successful that it is now being used in Canadian Embassies and cultural centres around the world.

Interactive map "Explore Canada"

The Canada Explorer is available in English, French and German. With the help of 6 thematic maps, general information about Canada, including topics such as geography, history, population and the economy is presented in a colourful and fun way. Children are not the only ones who will certainly want to put their newly acquired knowledge to the test in two interactive games and a Canada quiz.

Info Terminals

Six touch-screen information terminals with text and audio content offer guests to the Marshall McLuhan Salon the opportunity to research a variety of Canada specific topics.
The database encompasses a wide spectrum of text material, overviews of specific topics, portraits and in-depth information about special aspects of Canadian society, politics, culture and economy. All of the texts have been written by recognized Canadian and German experts or have been provided by Canadian institutions. Selected texts can even be sent, with the touch of a button, directly to your email inbox.

Info terminals in Marshall McLuhan Salon

Some of the texts include films, related radio clips, interviews and other audio clips which can be heard through the headphones or the speakers. The interactive menu also offers visitors the opportunity to listen to Canadian music of every genre, from classical, contemporary and electro-acoustic to pop, electronic, rock and folk music. Those interested in literature can choose from a selection of audio books by Canadian authors.

Screens in the public North west Passage

The three screens in the publicly accessible Northwest Passage linking Leipziger Platz to Ebertstraße display announcements of productions by Canadian artists in Germany,  information about current political and economic events, as well as a selection of films available in the Marshall McLuhan Salon.

North West Passage