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The New Embassy of Canada in Berlin

The new building of the Embassy of Canada in Berlin serves as an "anchor" for buildings on the Northwest corner of Leipziger Platz. "Kanada-Haus" at Leipziger Platz 17 was built as a public private partnership project and houses the Embassy of Canada as well as private office and residential space. Officially opened to the public in April 2005, the new Embassy building offers pedestrian access through the building from Ebertstraße to Leipziger Platz.

Photo: Thomas Weinhold www.fotodesignberlin.de © Botschaft von Kanada

The new Embassy of Canada at Leipziger Platz

Pedestrians going through the building see the integrated art designed by Canadian artists. Further, passers-by are able to access information about Canada in a cutting-edge multimedia information room. A team of Canadian architects has created an inviting space using Canadian building materials highlighting Canadian design and technology. The vision is to provide a location welcoming and accessible to visitors to the Embassy and members of the general public. The new Embassy of Canada reflects Canada’s dynamic identity.

The public spaces at the Embassy are used to host a wide variety of public functions of both a cultural and business nature. The structure provides for a strong Canadian presence right in the heart of the historical junction of Leipziger Platz and Potsdamer Platz. The new Embassy building is a five-sided structure. Two sides are adjacent to planned buildings, while the other three sides face several of Berlin's major city streets (Leipziger Straße, Ebertstraße and Voßstraße). The Embassy and its "Northwest Passage" act as a bridge between these evolving city streets and thus contribute to the renewal of Berlin in an imaginative and contemporary way.