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Below are some of our current feature films.

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Priority topic: the Arctic

In times of geoclimatic and geopolitical challenges, the Arctic is a priority topic of the Canadian government. Apart from watching new films on the impact of climate change in the far north of Canada, you can see the special digital exhibition entitled The Accessible Arctic - 80 years of Arctic photography from Canadian Geographic. If you are interested in a special guided visit on this topic, please register your group via our website.


Battle for the Arctic

© Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (2009)
(in English, 42 min.)

Canadian scientists are now joining the soldiers on the front lines of this new frontier, as they race to chart Canada's Arctic claims under the looming deadline of an international treaty. The Battle for the Arctic takes us from the far reaches of the North Pole to the waters of Alaska for a look into a struggle for sovereignty that could change the very face of Canada.


Arctic Mission: Climate on the Edge

© Glacialis Productions inc. / Gedeon Programmes / National Film Board of Canada (2005)
(in English/French, 52 min.)

The Arctic is on the front line of climate change and it is sending us an urgent message: global warming is having a serious impact on the planet. As temperatures increase, thousands of square kilometres of ice cap will soon disappear. Scientists predict devastation if we don't change our ways.


Arctic Mission: People of the Ice

© Glacialis Productions inc. / Gedeon Programmes / National Film Board of Canada (2005)
(in English/French, 52 min.)  

For over 4 000 years, the Inuit have lived in harmony with their Arctic environment. In this frozen landscape, survival depends on a deep understanding of the natural world. Today, global warming threatens the very nature of their habitat. As the ice disappears, so does the Inuit culture it is intimately connected to. Ever-changing temperatures have even made predicting the Arctic climate difficult. Will this extraordinarily resilient people be able to adjust to such dramatic change?


Arctic Mission: Lords of the Arctic

© Glacialis Productions inc. / Gedeon Programmes / National Film Board of Canada (2005)
(in English/French, 52 min.)

The unique wildlife that thrives in the Arctic's stark landscape has long captivated our imaginations. Ice plays a critical role in maintaining this fragile ecosystem. As temperatures rise because of global warming, will these northern plants and wildlife be able to adapt?


Priority Topic: AFghanistan

Canada is an important contributor to NATO forces, and our films not only examine Canada's mission in Afghanistan, but also the humanitarian efforts of individual Canadians.


Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan

© Government of Canada (2008)
(in English/French, 5 min.)

This video provides insight into how Canada is working with the Afghan government and international partners to help lay the foundations for lasting peace and stability in the country.  


Women's perspectives in Kandahar

© Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team / Canadian International Development Agency (2010)
(in English/French, 7 min.)

The video, “Women’s Perspectives in Kandahar,” considers some of the challenges faced by Afghan women living in Kandahar province as well as some of the positive changes to everyday life.


The Many Faces of Afghanistan: Good Morning Kandahar

© National Film Board of Canada (2008)
(in English/French, 51 min.)

Good Morning Kandahar introduces us to young men and women torn between a deep desire to help Afghanistan and fear that things will never change. Some are enthusiastic. There's 'Dewa', who broadcasts pop songs, recipes and beauty tips to Kandahar on RANA-FM. And Yahseer. who enjoys the freedom of Canada's nightlife, but by day broadcasts to tradition-bound Kandahar - mostly good news, plus warnings to keep back from NATO convoys.


Flora's Afghan Mission - Politician to Humanitarian

© Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (2008)
(in English, 28 min.)

This feature documentary goes beyond the military perspective and explores the humanitarian work of Flora MacDonald. This former Canadian foreign affairs minister is helping to rebuild the war-torn nation through small-scale, highly practical rural initiatives, including school building, micro-hydro plants, reforestation efforts and local governance projects.


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