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Education–School system

The Canadian school system is ranked highly in international comparisons as shown by its success in the PISA studies. In Canada there is no uniform education system since the country is organized along federal lines, as in Germany. According to the Constitution, education policy is not regulated at federal level but is the responsibility of the provinces and territories whose education departments deal with all matters concerning education and the school system. These departments have in turn handed over responsibility for primary and secondary schools in varying measure to local school boards, which take care of administrative tasks, staffing policy and curricula.

Canadian students attend either publicly-funded, denominational or private schools from the compulsory school starting age of six or seven. These schools are as a rule all-day schools catering for children of all abilities. In every province and territory, the average compulsory schooling period is ten years, so that a school-leaving certificate can be obtained at the age of 16 at the earliest.


Education–Higher education system

Canada’s higher education institutions are rated among the best in the world and are internationally recognized for the high quality of their research and teaching. The Canadian higher education system consists of two groups: while the universities and colleges offer specialized study and research programs, with up to three types of leaving certificates, young people can take general or vocational training courses at the community colleges.

The academic year usually starts in September and ends in April. Some institutions have introduced a trimester system allowing students to begin courses in September, January or May. The so-called "summer sessions" generally begin in May and last for between six and eight weeks.

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