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Scanning Tunnelling Microscope © National Research Council Canada (NRC)

Innovation and Economy

Canada does not only offer breathtaking landscapes and unspoiled nature, it is an innovative and modern country that is extremely successful economically. As one of the G7 countries, Canada is a leading industrial nation focusing on information and communication technology, aviation, biotechnology and automotive manufacturing. The growth of these industries is creating and securing a considerable number of jobs. In recent years Canada has experienced steady economic expansion above the OECD average. In 2016, unemployment was at 5.7 percent. Other important industrial sectors are agriculture and the timber and food industries. As the world's second-largest country in terms of area, Canada has an abundance of natural resources. Almost half the country is covered with forest, equivalent to 10 percent of the global total. It also has large freshwater reserves as well as significant deposits of natural gas, oil, gold, coal, copper, iron ore, nickel, potassium carbonate, uranium and zinc.

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Did you know...

… that in the north of Canada diamonds of the highest quality are mined?

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