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Arts & Culture

Thanks to its bilingual, multicultural society, Canada has one of the most diverse art scenes in the world. Besides the cultures of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, which are thousands of years old, the country is best known for its contemporary art. In the commercial sector, the Canadian film, literature and music industries stand for economic success and an international presence.

Key federal institutions involved in the promotion of culture are the Canada Council for the Arts, which has been promoting and disseminating Canadian art at national and international level since 1957, and the Department of Canadian Heritage, founded in 1993, whose focus is on the promotion and preservation of the multicultural Canadian identities, values and cultural history (including the interests of the Aboriginal peoples). In addition, culture is promoted at provincial and local level as well as by private investors and foundations.

The Marshall McLuhan Salon presents the full diversity of the Canadian art and cultural scene. You can find a comprehensive range of introductory texts on the fine arts, film, music, dance, theatre and the new media in Canada. Portraits of outstanding Canadian artists, hundreds of music and audio items, as well as exclusive film material from the cultural field, can also be accessed.

In preparing for or following up on your visit to the Marshall McLuhan Salon, all media content can be researched in our online media library.






Watch video recordings...

in the Marshall McLuhan Salon of the inspiring choreography of leading Canadian dance companies including Marie Chouinard, La La La Human Steps, Van Grimde Corps Secret or O’Vertigo Dance.

Watch short and experimental films…

as well as clips from Canadian feature films on the state-of-the-art plasma screens in the Marshall McLuhan Salon. Or find out more about the lives and works of Canadian film directors such as David Cronenberg, Denys Arcand, Robert Lepage, Zacharias Kunuk and experimental filmmakers including Guy Maddin, Mike Hoolboom or Peter Mettler.

Listen to…

Canadian literature and music ranging from classic and jazz to electroacoustic music, folk and world music, electronica, R&B and rock & pop at the listening stations in the Marshall McLuhan Salon.

Watch video documentaries…

about artists and the cultural traditions of the Canadian Aboriginal peoples on the plasma screens in the Marshall McLuhan Salon.